Episode 289: Black Beans, Pesto, and Podcasting

Betsy and Kate, hosts of The Dinner Sisters podcast

This week’s guest host is Kate Schulz, co-host of one of my most favorite podcasts, The Dinner Sisters.

In food news this week, an article from The Washington Post asks, Can Cooking Serve as a Balm for Depression?

In our What’s for Dinner segment, we’ve got Cuban-style black beans. Recipe here.

In How’d You Make That, we’ve got a dandelion green and pistachio pesto that works with any green, really. (See also: Walnut and parsley pesto.)

Joy and Kate gab about how hosting a podcast affect their home cooking.

And in What We’re Loving, it’s DIY kombucha. (For a good primary on how to brew your own kombucha, check out our friend Phickle.)

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One thought on “Episode 289: Black Beans, Pesto, and Podcasting”

  1. Great episode! I love listening to my 2 favorite podcasters on one podcast. Joy, you are the person who introduced me to the Dinner Sisters. Thank you!

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