Episode 288: Easy Eggplant, Brassicas, and Made Fresh

Leigh Belanger
photo credit: Gabi Valladares

 Marisa is on maternity leave. This week’s guest host is Leigh Belanger, a writer, editor, and co-host of the new podcast, Made Fresh.

In Food News, we’re talking a Civil Eats article covering a plan from the World Resources Institute to halve food waste by 2030.

In our What’s for Dinner segment, Leigh tells us all about the streamlined eggplant parm she’s been making. No breading, no messy frying. She doesn’t work from a recipe, but it sounds a lot like this one. (Also it sounds delicious.)

In this week’s How’d You Make That? segment, we’ve got a novel take on cooking brassicas between two skillets on the stovetop.

Just like Marisa and Joy, Leigh is podcaster! Joy asks her about some episodes of Made Fresh. Topics include growing out of alcohol, how to pivot in work or life, and social media.

In the What We’re Loving corner this week, Leigh has a rec all you lunch-packing parents will want to know about. Nature’s Bakery fig bars.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 288: Easy Eggplant, Brassicas, and Made Fresh”

  1. Trader Joe’s sells frozen, plain breaded “eggplant cutlets.” They are a great timesaver for a “semi-homemade” cooking strategy for eggplant parmesan. The slices are very small so they make a nice eggplant parm casserole style dish, or you can stack them for an eggplant parm sandwich.

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