Episode 277: Cauliflower Cakes, French Bread Pizza, and Veal

What’s the deal with veal?

This week, in the food news segment, we’re talking about a disturbing article from Metro UK about the cruel realities of cashew production.

In this week’s What’s For Dinner segment, we’re talking about cauliflower cakes, a recipe I got from the cookbook Vegetables Illustrated, but you can also find it here.

In our How Do You Make That segment, we revisit a childhood / 90s favorite: French bread pizza. LA area listeners, here’s that French bread pizza pop-up I mentioned. Also, the Smitten Kitchen recipe for “Pizza Beans.”

When was the last time you ate veal? If you’re like most Americans, it’s probably been a while if you ever eat it at all. What about cheese? Do you eat cheese? Because veal is a cheese making byproduct and what I learned reporting this article may make you consider buying some from your favorite cheesemaker.

Philly area listeners: Get your veal from Sue Miller at Birchrunville Farm. Find her at the Headhouse, Phoenixville, or Bryn Marr farmers markets.

And finally, in What We’re Love, it’s fresh ricotta. Yum. Marisa’s favorite is from Claudio’s.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 277: Cauliflower Cakes, French Bread Pizza, and Veal”

  1. Loved this podcast so much! I listen to these often while I’m in the car with my kids, and this one resulted in some interesting conversations with the kids and eating ethically as we listened about the cashew article and the veal discussion as well. I love that your podcast is helping my kids grow up knowing how to make the right decisions about food!

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