Episode 275: Chicken Cutlets, Iced Drinks, Vegetable Cookbooks

In food news this week, we talk about the ups and downs of Philly based Cook + Solo Restaurant Group. They won the James Beard Award for best restaurant of the year (Zahav) but recently shuttered The Rooster.

In our What’s for Dinner segment, it’s all about chicken cutlets.

In How’d You Make That, we’re talking iced drinks.

We also cover some of our favorite vegetable cookbooks.

In What We’re Loving this week, we sing the praises of rhubarb.

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6 thoughts on “Episode 275: Chicken Cutlets, Iced Drinks, Vegetable Cookbooks”

  1. Hi Marissa and Joy,
    I have been listening to your podcast since the beginning and I feel like I know you both ( and like you). Marissa – I had my first baby at 40 and my 2nd at 43! I’m rooting for you. I’d love to send you a baby present- can you give me a publisher’s address or school where you teach , that would not be too intrusive?

  2. The difference between schnitzel and chicken cutlets is that traditional Austrian or German schnitzel is ALWAYS veal (sometimes pork) but would never be made of chicken. Schnitzel is also usually served in a much larger and very thin flat shape. I agree they do end up tasting very similar though!

    1. That is very interesting! I have been to some German restaurants ( in the states) that serve Chicken Schnitzel as an option but most likely they are not really authentic.

      What I found to be the biggest difference was the breading. Italian chicken cutlets have a traditional seasoned bread crumb coating while the German schnitzel are more of flour/panko combo.

  3. Your discussion on your favorite vegetable cookbooks made walk over to look at my very pared down library. I am in temporary housing and only unpacked a small selection. Although I have at least a dozen vegetarian cookbooks the only two I couldn’t live without are both by Terry Walters: Clean Food and Clean Start. I always find inspiration browsing in her books.
    Non vegetarian books I have out primarily for the way they treat veggies are Olives & Oranges and Power Foods from the Whole Living magazine that Martha Stewart used publish. I particularly like Power Foods because it has lots of ideas for snacks and things to put together in hot weather.

  4. I love rhubarb too! Have you tried my favorite snack – stewed rhubarb and cottage cheese? I love how the sweet/tart of the stewed rhubarb pairs with the creamy/tangy cottage cheese.

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