Episode 222: Cooking with Odds & Ends, Marmalade Nuts, and Cholesterol

We heart Mycopolitan Mushrooms!

In food news this week: Our local butcher start-up Primal Supply is opening a brick and mortar store. They’ve launched a kickstarter to help them build it out–can you help?

And our What’s for Dinner segment we discuss the fine are of cooking with odds and ends to pull a meal together use up the recipe remnants.

In our How’d You Make That segment, Marisa describes her technique for making marmalade nuts.

Joy’s got a health update: Her follow-up blood work is in, and she’s brought her numbers down to an optimal level. Diet is powerful, friends.

What are we loving this week? Mycopolitan mushrooms. Snap them up this Saturday at the final Winterfare Market at the Bok Building if you’re in the Philadelphia area.

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7 thoughts on “Episode 222: Cooking with Odds & Ends, Marmalade Nuts, and Cholesterol”

  1. I’m definitely going to try that marmalade nut recipe! It sounds great and I always have extra jams around. I might even try it with some leftover mince I made for christmas this year. Mince is sort of jam-adjacent…

  2. I grew up on all but the fish chowder. Mom made corn chowder with fresh corn cut off the cob, potatoes diced small. ONIons chopped, and milk or cream with salt to taste. Simmer TILL potatoes and onions are tender. I raised my kids on all of these and homemade biscuits more often than the yeast bread. Mom made the yeast bread for the week,.. almost every Monday. I still like beans but today I add a cut up onion, a whole jalapeno, and some cut up BACOn and cook it in a crockpot overnight. Then when tender season to my taste with a tiny bit of salt. I live above 6000 ft so beans are either cooked long and slow or in a pressure cooker. It”s all still good eating.

  3. You cook them them for 1.5 hours even after soaking for days? I just cooked a batch of chickpeas that have been soaking for a few days (I forget how many), and it took maybe 30min when they were done to my taste. Also, do you find they shed their outer shell after soaking for a few days? I spent some time getting rid of the shells before cooking the chickpeas, it took a few goes.

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