Episode 221: Tostadas, Quinoa, and Juice

Black bean tostadas

In food news: Does the FDA need to regulate what can be called an egg? Panera thinks so, and maybe you do too.

What’s for dinner this week? Quinoa. Joy and Marisa discuss their approaches to cooking this nutritious ancient grain.

How’d you make that? Joy wonders why tostadas have never had a regular spot in rotation but they will now. She tells you how it’s done.

What is your take on juice and juicing? Are you willing to spend $12 at a juice bar or substantially more on a fancy juicer so you can make your own juice at home? We weigh in.

What we’re loving this week: Frozen artichoke hearts. So convenient, yet so fancy.

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4 thoughts on “Episode 221: Tostadas, Quinoa, and Juice”

    1. I feel like we have done many segments about cabbage but not a whole episode. Thanks for the suggestion. Maybe we’ll do it. We certainly love cabbage enough.

  1. McDonalds uses whole cracked eggs in the McMuffin! Just looked it up! I’m a loyal listener ladies, you need to fact check a bit more. Thank goodness the McMuffin remains on my OK to Eat list!!!

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