Episode 220: Pork Tenderloin, Roasted Gnocchi, Our 3rd Joy of Cooking Potluck

Brownies Cockaigne from the Joy of Cooking for our potluck.

Is seaweed the next big thing in sustainable food? Civil Eats thinks it might be. We’re all for this trend–we love to use seaweed in our own kitchens. What do you think?

In our What’s for Dinner Segment this week, we’re rediscovering pork tenderloin.

Thanks to listener suggestions from Megan and Corisa, Joy gave roasted gnocchi a try and walks you through how she made it.

We recap our third Joy of Cooking potluck, reviewing what everyone made as well as we made ourselves.

In our What We’re Loving segment–we give you maple cream! Here’s the Food in Jars tutorial on how to make your own.

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8 thoughts on “Episode 220: Pork Tenderloin, Roasted Gnocchi, Our 3rd Joy of Cooking Potluck”

  1. Your talk about pork tenderloin reminded me of Laurie Colwin. She wrote a wonderful piece about how anyone could welcome friends into their home which included a dinner with pork tenderloin – it’s a wonderful essay.

  2. Hi, I’m only commenting on this episode because I can’t find a place to contact you. In one of your past episodes, I remember one of you mentioning that your husband thought he found the perfect way to do dish. I can’t remember if it was perfect in the way of using less water or being efficient or what, but I would love to hear more detail on his dish-washing perfection on one of your episodes! 🙂

  3. I adore seaweed! I hope it does become a trend, I could certainly use more ideas on what to do with it. I order mine from Ironbound Island in Maine. In the winter I make breakfast soup and usually add 3-4 different kinds.

  4. I roasted gnocchi for dinner last night because of this podcast (specifically, this recipe, minus the peppers: https://www.thekitchn.com/recipe-crispy-sheet-pan-gnocchi-and-veggies-247360). I don’t think going as far as calling it life-changing is much of an exaggeration. I will never cook gnocchi any other way again! If you have any other combinations to recommend with roasted gnocchi, I am all ears. This one was tasty, but was a little sweet overall for my tastes.

    1. Hahaha. I loved it too Abby! I have tossed them with pesto, plain tomato sauce, and a mushroom ragu so far. I have also used them as a kind of crouton for a salad. Happy roasting!

  5. Caught up on these latest 3 eps on a plane ride back from Chicago, where my mom whipped up pork tenderloins finished in the pan with a half jar of apricot jam & some shallots. Had to laugh at the timing, Marisa. Cheers.

  6. We tried gnocchi for the first time tonight! I only made a few since I’ve never had them before…I have been missing out! My 5yo gobbled one down & proclaimed it good, which is basically the highest praise he will give food.

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