Episode 217: Purple Carrot, Scrambled Eggs, Out of Season Produce

Sorry, salad lovers: Romaine lettuce is suspected in an e.coli outbreak. Follow up note: Joy’s composting service says you CAN compost suspected vegetables. The composting process kills the bacteria.

In our newish How Do You Make That segment, we talk about different approaches to the common scrambled egg.

Joy tells all about her Purple Carrot experience–the good (delicious food), the bad (missing ingredients), and the ugly (packaging overload).

It’s the dead of winter. Also known as the time to embrace those nonlocal, out-of-season produce options. Because we still need to eat our vegetables.

What are we loving this week? Joy and Marisa are all about the bagged mini avocados we’ve seen around at groceries including Acme and Trader Joe’s.

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6 thoughts on “Episode 217: Purple Carrot, Scrambled Eggs, Out of Season Produce”

      1. It’s a good thought. I wonder if you could apply enough heat to kill off any potential bacteria, without making the lettuce disgusting. I’ve done grilled and lightly braised lettuce before, but nothing more aggressive than that.

  1. Great episode, Ladies! Could you hear me talking along with you? My husband just started making eggs with Marisa’s 7:30 am technique and they are spectacular! They are even more delicious with a dollop of creme fraiche (made in the insta pot) and chopped tarragon (an out-of-season splurge).

    I’m still getting green onions and kale from my garden here in the Pacific Northwest, but I think I started drooling when Joy mentioned asparagus. Hopefully soon. We are not having a winter anything like yours in Philadelphia.

    Thanks for a great episode!

    1. Margaret, I am so glad that the 7:30 am egg method is working for you guys! It really is the easiest thing ever when you’re groggy and can’t deal with another dirty dish!

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