Episode 214: Holiday Food Gifts Special



This week’s special episode is all about holiday gifts for people who love food.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 214: Holiday Food Gifts Special”

  1. Hello Ladies:

    I was sewing aprons for my niece and daughter while listening to this episode and Marisa’s comment about her apron’s pocket got me thinking, “What do people put in their apron pockets?” I don’t have pockets on mine and I don’t know what I would put there.

    My other idea is for fans of Le Creuset enamelware. I bought myself a beautiful Le Ceruset coffee mug (in “ocean”) earlier this fall. I haven’t convinced myself to spring for a dutch oven, despite loving the colors, but the mug was a nice (less expensive) way to enjoy the look.

    Happy Holidays!

    1. I often put my phone or a timer in my apron pocket. It’s also a good place to tuck pens if you’re embarking on a labeling project.

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