Episode 213: Lighter Leftovers, Why We Eat What We Eat, Soup

How exactly did kale become a thing? A new podcast we like explains it all.

The food news this week is news about us: We’re going to be at Fantes on December 10 sometime between noon and 3 pm selling books and saying hi. Come see us! You could get some holiday shopping done at the same time.

Remember when Joy told you last week she was aiming for a lower cholesterol Thanksgiving? Well, it worked out. And she’s still enjoying the lightened up leftovers–no stomach aches! Here’s the stuffing recipe that convinced her you don’t actually need a stick of butter to make stuffing.

If you like our podcast, we have another to suggest. Why We Eat What We Eat by Gimlet Creative. We know it’s a sponsored podcast. But guess what? We love it anyway. If you just want to dabble, go with the episodes about kale and pot lucks. Those were our favorites.

This week we taught our sold-out soup class at the Philadelphia Free Library’s Center for Culinary Literacy and for that reason and many others we have soup on the brain. This time, we’re talking about our class as well as how we break out of a soup rut.

In our What We’re Loving segment, we return to the subject of vegan ricotta and other feel-good recipes we are pulling together for our forthcoming Resolution Recipes ebook. (Coming soon!)

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