Episode 212: Pesto, Thanksgiving, Instant Pot Books

Happy Thanksgiving

Recently the Washington Post published a very sad story titled Why Americans Have Stopped Eating Leftovers. We want to help everyone love their leftovers again!

In this week’s What’s for Dinner segment, we’re talking about how to whip up no-recipe pesto from whatever you have on hand.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, everyone. We go over the menus for what we’re making and serving this year. Here’s that story and recipe about Marisa’s gravy.

Have you seen all those Instant Pot cookbooks? We have a favorite. It’s Daniel Shumski’s How to Instant Pot.

In this week’s What We’re Loving, we talk about gigante beans.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 212: Pesto, Thanksgiving, Instant Pot Books”

  1. I love, love gigantes! They are great with greens, garlic a little lemon and Aleppo style pepper and nutritional yeast if not eating cheese. 101 Cookbooks giant chipotle white beans is great, and food52 did a genius version of her gigantes with greens. https://food52.com/blog/11251-heidi-swanson-s-pan-fried-giant-white-beans-with-kale

    I love the dish at Zaytinya in DC called piyaz and made this to recreate -https://food52.com/recipes/10519-gigante-beans-a-la-zaytinya.

  2. Just finished the episode this morning, so it’s after the fact, but I wanted to pipe in to share with Joy that I made a vegan gravy with our Thanksgiving meal this year, and it was full of flavor. The base was a fairly dark homemade vegetable stock, heavy on cremini mushrooms, with soy sauce plus salt to punch up the flavor. It was dead simple to make — let me know if you want details.

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