Episode 211: Winter Greens, Homemade Hummus, Reverse Engineering Restaurant Dishes

The latest version of Joy’s homemade hummus


If you are a regular listener, you know we love Melissa Clark’s recipes, both in the NY Times and in her many, many cookbooks. The Cut gave readers the inside scoop on how she makes it happen. (Spoiler alert: she has a dedicated recipe tester.)

Joy has been experimenting with different (read: easier) ways to make the incredible, smooth, creamy, dreamy hummus from the Zahav: A World of Israeli Cooking cookbook. Her latest tweak involves the Instant Pot.

As the cold weather descends (which it did very suddenly in Philadelphia), local salad greens typically become a memory. But some local farms are usual greenhouses to produce wonderful, salad friendly produce well into the off season. Joy and Marisa tell you where you can find it at our local markets.

How do you reverse engineer a restaurant dish? Joy and Marisa share their typical process.

In the What We’re Loving segment: Mini whisks.

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5 thoughts on “Episode 211: Winter Greens, Homemade Hummus, Reverse Engineering Restaurant Dishes”

    1. Lisa what a great tip, thank you. I just looked into it and it sounds like a good way to get ahold of winter greens. I had thought of Winter Harvest as a source for meat and dairy but I didn’t realize it had all those veggies 🙂

      1. And unfortunately today I received an email that they are discontinuing the program. Not enough people were doing it last and this season. Such a bummer since I felt it was the best one. Philly Foodworks is a great one as well, it was just pricier. It will be my new go to and way to avoid the stores!

  1. Just listened to the podcast and now I am super hungry for the butternut squash soup Marisa developed. Can you link to the recipe?

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