Episode 210: The Field Roast Cookbook, A Health Happy Medium, Preground Coffee

The best cup of coffee? The convenient kind.


In food news this week, more issues in the seafood section. A troubling AP investigation reveals that salmon from China is being processed by North Korean slave laborers.

At her sister’s urging, Joy found herself cooking from the pages of O Magazine … and everyone really liked the mushroom po’ boy sandwiches that resulted.

Field Roast, the grain meat purveyor known for its delicious faux sausages, has a new cookbook. We read it, but we haven’t cooked from it — yet.

It has now been six month since Joy was diagnosed with high cholesterol. And sometimes she gets so angry at healthy food she wants to throw it against the wall. Is there a happy medium that can be heart-healthy?

What are we loving this week? Marisa is all about pre-ground coffee–for some very persuasive reasons.

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One thought on “Episode 210: The Field Roast Cookbook, A Health Happy Medium, Preground Coffee”

  1. Shore Catch is definitely at Rittenhouse Farmers’ Market year-round, and now that Headhouse is year-round I can’t imagine they wouldn’t be there year-round as well. They usually only take a day off if the weather’s really bad or if the market is closed. Every weekend I get 1 fish and either scallops or clams from them.

    For Otolith, there are several other ways to get their delicious fish without doing the CSS. They’re at Headhouse certain times of year – currently they’re on the schedule for Sept-Dec 2017. Also, within the Philly region, you can just place a custom order with them directly and they’ll deliver to your home! Over $100 it’s free delivery and otherwise it’s $10, but I think that’s totally reasonable.

    Green Aisle Grocery also carries both Shore Catch and Otolith in their frozen section, but it’s $$$

    I feel you re: figuring out the right balance of cholesterol treats – I’m certainly no expert, but I find that 2-3 eggs on the weekend is pleasurable without overdoing it. We do one “chicken night” a week, and it’s often the one night a week I make a point of trying a brand new recipe rather than doing a repeat, so it’s always intellectually stimulating as well as tasty. That’s actually the only meat we do all week other than the Shore Catch seafood on the weekend. My cholesterol is still too high, though, but that’s so personal; my husband’s cholesterol is fine even though we eat the exact same things every day. Good luck!

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