Episode 205: Slow Cooking Season, Eating on Repeat, Breaking Bread Breaking Barriers at RTM

In food news this week: The Baffling Rise of Goop.

What’s for dinner this week? Anything we cook in the slow cooker.

Eating on repeat: Is variety the spice of life or can you eat the same food again and again?

Joy recently wrote about the Breaking Bread, Breaking Barriers dinner series that was held for the past year at Reading Terminal Market.

What we’re loving this week? Edamame.

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6 thoughts on “Episode 205: Slow Cooking Season, Eating on Repeat, Breaking Bread Breaking Barriers at RTM”

  1. Love, love, love your podcasts. But I was wondering if you can add a spot onto your website listing books or other information you talk about. It never fails…you talk about a new cookbook just as my hands are dirty in the kitchen and I can’t stop to write down the title or author. I’d love to be able to go back to your website to find information after I’ve washed my hands instead of repeating your podcast which I rarely have time to do.

    1. Hi, Denise! Thanks so much for listening. Man, have I been there! I also listen to podcasts in the kitchen and that can be annoying. For this particular episode, I wonder if you are looking for are the titles to Liana Krissoff’s wonderful books, especially her new slow cooker book, which Marisa talked about, and her Whole Grains for a New Generation, one of my favorites. Here’s all her books on Amazon. I’ll try to do better getting everything into the show notes. Even though we may *wish* Local Mouthful were our jobs, the podcast is actually a side project for both of us and we do the best we can to make it as good and useful as we can … while also doing our paying work. It can be tough to be as thorough as we want to be. We keep trying though.

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