Episode 204: Turkey Soup, Shopping for Spices, and Recipes that Disappoint

In food news this week, we learned that there is a brand new category of chocolate: ruby chocolate.

What’s for dinner this week? In Marisa’s kitchen, it’s turkey soup.

Joy and Marisa don’t buy all their spices at good gourmet spice purveyors. So where do they shop?

We talk at some length about the heartbreak of well-reviewed recipes that disappoint.

What are we loving this week? Golden raisins, the gateway raisin.

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11 thoughts on “Episode 204: Turkey Soup, Shopping for Spices, and Recipes that Disappoint”

  1. Loved the podcast this week. Please post that cake recipe Marissa – I was going to try it (vegan style) for this weekend.

    1. And I did just want to mention that I really enjoy your show and I’m glad you’re doing it more often again! I could talk about and listen to conversations about food all day, but there are not as many people in my life who have the interest level I have. I love to hear you two enjoying talking about food this way. Oh, and while I was listening to your podcast I started thinking that white beans would be great in your turkey soup, Marisa!

  2. As a listener from the PNW I have to comment on the mention of Winco. Best grocery store ever and I love their bulk section!

  3. Hello – I wanted to send you some info on Vegan Cheese’s for pizza.
    The only one I like is Follow Your Heart Mozzarella in the soft brick. Either that or just home made Ricotta dollops. Please make sure you try Blackbird Pizza! and if Miss Rachel’s pantry is selling Mozzarella – grab some for your pizza, its divine!

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