Episode 206: One-pot Pasta, When to Splurge, Here Come the Holidays

Marisa’s tomato jam is a treasure.


This week in food news, an unsettling new study. Only 10% of Americans like to cook.

In our What’s for Dinner segment–the allure of one-pot pastas. (Joy thinks this was the recipe that started the craze.)

So let’s say you are trying to beat your cholesterol into submission by passing on saturated fats. How do you decide when to splurge? This is a hard question.

Yes, it’s still hot outside. But no it is not too soon to start planning for the holiday seasons. In fact, there are things you could start making ahead … right now.

What are we loving this week? Marisa’s marvelous tomato jam.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 206: One-pot Pasta, When to Splurge, Here Come the Holidays”

  1. This episode got me so excited for the holiday season! Loved all of your ideas. In addition to doing tasks ahead for the day of a holiday or edible gifts, I like to have extra meals (or components) in the freezer. In my home, we’re entertaining more, we might have out of town guests, and we just have more to do in general, so keeping the freezer well stocked with soups, breads, cooked grains, meatballs, etc, helps my sanity immensely.

    1. Gena that is a great point. I can remember many times doing epic days of cooking ahead for some holiday event and then going out to dinner because I just could not stand cooking one more thing. Thanks for the reminder 🙂 Gotta “feed the freezer.”

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