Episode 183: Pasta Frittata, Vegetables, and Kitchen Tables

Joy’s leftover pasta frittata

In the food news: Did you just have a feeling that eating more fruits, vegetables boosts psychological well-being in just 2 week? Well, now there’s research to back that common-sense hunch up.

What’s for dinner this week? Leftover pasta frittata.

Picking up on the topic of eating more vegetables, we talked about strategies for eating as many as you can when you’re eating at restaurants.

Joy’s kitchen renovation is provoking deep thoughts on the symbolic meaning of the kitchen table. Julia Child had one, and now Joy wants one too. But can she live without an island? These are big questions.

At the market this week: Unsweetened coconut flakes.

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6 thoughts on “Episode 183: Pasta Frittata, Vegetables, and Kitchen Tables”

  1. I remodeled my kitchen 7 years ago. Too small for an island. I got a stainless steel work table on wheels, cut it down to counter height, and I have a couple of folding stools for when friends hang out and do prep.

    I can move it around, there is storage underneath, and I can throw a tablecloth over it when entertaining. I love it.

  2. What about an island with stools that have backs? Chair-type stools are much more comfortable than those without back support. I like that islands invite people to keep the cook company. Tables can too, but islands tend to be closer to the action. (note: I have neither!)

  3. I love the higher elevation that an island affords. So much, in fact, that I want a counter height table in my kitchen breakfast area. I’ve done all the things mentioned at my island: people watch me cook, I serve food as a buffet at parties, I use it as an extended work area and sit down for long preps. On the positive side, m island gives you more storage underneath and extends counter surface area, which always seems to be at a premium.

    1. I am thinking it is going to need to be an island for the reasons you mention here. My kitchen is a good size, and has great windows, but because of those windows there is no room for upper cabinets. I need that sweet, sweet island storage.

  4. We remodeled our kitchen and added a peninsula since the space is too small for an island or table. We opted for a butcher block counter top for the peninsula instead of using the same material we used for the other counters. With the different counter top the peninsula functions as a more homey/prep place/visiting space/pizza rolling station/etc. Visitors to the kitchen perch there to chat or help. I grew up in a house that had a butcher block kitchen table in the kitchen, and our set up replicates that feeling but fits our space nicely.

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