173: Home Cooking Highlights: 2016 edition

The first order of business in this last episode of the year: The big Cuisinart food processor blade recall. Check if you are affected here and find out how to get a replacement.

Our last episode of the year is one more big ol’ special episode before the year comes to an end. We made our lists and checked them twice–our “Everything I Cooked for Dinner in 2016” lists, that is–and then compared notes. We talk about the stuff we made again and again, the places we looked for recipes, and what we were making when weren’t using recipes.

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6 thoughts on “173: Home Cooking Highlights: 2016 edition”

  1. Great episode this week! I enjoyed hearing about your favorite recipes from the year, and I’m now absolutely inspired to keep a dinner calendar in 2017. Thank you for always providing such quality content. Happy holidays!

  2. Joy, when you mentioned your list of things you’ve cooked last year I was inspired to try it too. I have and love it! It’s a great way to remember things and also reflect on what I am cooking. Thanks for another great idea!

  3. Just finished listing to this podcast, great as always. I signed up to your newsletter to get you’re list of what you cooked in 2016. I am wondering if I signed up too late and if I so could still get a copy.


  4. Be still my heart that LOVES to track things! I love this idea of tracking meals for the year, but not focusing on counting calories, which I believe is why most people track. I love the idea of seeing where what I cooked over the past year comes from! I just caught up on a bunch of the podcasts this weekend on a road trip, but I’m definitely going to start this week!

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