172: All Things Instant Pot

You guys asked, and we answered. In this episode we do a deep dive into the appliance of the moment: The Instant Pot.

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7 thoughts on “172: All Things Instant Pot”

  1. Great podcast! It inspired me to poach a chicken last night and then make broth with the bones. Oh my gosh, it’s the best chicken broth I’ve ever made! Thanks, Joy! I’m using the broth tonight to make a giant pot of Spanish sausage and chickpea soup. I’ve always just made Nom Nom Paleo recipes in my Instant Pot but now I’m going to venture out of my comfort zone. One thing you didn’t cover and I think is worth mentioning is how to get rid of the smell from the silicone ring. I always hand wash the parts and end up with the ring still smelling like last nights Mexican Beef but then I read somewhere that if you put the ring in the dishwasher, the smell goes away. And it works!

  2. Enjoyed the show. We love our instant pot and gave one to my brother and my dad this holiday.
    Can you post the link for the blog post on the introduction to the instant pot?

  3. After listening to this podcast (yes, I’m a few weeks behind!) I joined the facebook IP community, hoping to find some inspiration to pull out my IP more frequently. HOLY MOLY was that group annoying! The main content is awful, awful “recipes” (take a can of soup and a bottle of ketchup, and….) plus tons of basic cooking/food questions that honestly make me wonder how most people actually feed themselves successfully. I never left a FB group that fast!

  4. The Instant Pot is probably tied with my Zojirushi rice cooker as my favorite kitchen tech. I love having them both and often use then both at the same time. Instant Pot for protein/beans and the rice cooker for grains make an easy weeknight meal. There is also one other thing I find the rice cooker does extremely well that the instant pot can’t, that is bake/cook a cake. Rice cookers are my favored way to bake a cake.

    As for the Instant Pot my favorite thing to do with it is “oozy beans”. Any idea I got from a Jaime Oliver recipe; http://www.jamieoliver.com/videos/jamie-oliver-s-oozy-beans-to-go-with-the-perfect-pork/. The adding of the potato and tomato make such a creamy and wonderful bean dish.

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