Episode 167: Thanksgiving’s coming, Ireland, Homemade Chili


Note from Joy: Hey, LM listeners. I need you all to know this episode was recorded before the election. (Next week we’ll talk about emotional eating/comfort food.) So I’m trying to get this thing posted at its regular time even though we are feeling seriously unproductive. So forgive us (and do not blame Marisa) if something we said we’d linked to isn’t linked here. I’m not at my most detail oriented. Leave us a comment if you want a link, I’ll link it immediate. I promise. And no photo for this episode, forgive me. Like all of us, or I guess I should say a lot of us, I’m doing the best I can in this difficult time.   

In food news, this week we talk about how the dollar amount most people rack up in food waste could make for a better retirement.

What’s for dinner in our places lately? Chili. Whether or not she referred to this particular recipe, Joy thinks this is a good one.

We tackle Thanksgiving prep. Believe it or not, Thanksgiving is not canceled. A few pointers.

Marisa tells us all about her trip Ireland. Ah, the potatoes.

3 thoughts on “Episode 167: Thanksgiving’s coming, Ireland, Homemade Chili”

  1. I used to use cast iron, but now that there are just 2 of us in the house I always make my cornbread in my muffin tin. Easier to save, easier to take to work the next day. I haven’t tried freezing them.

  2. I have been casually listening to your podcast since the Spring of 2016. I recently moved to Ireland in September 2018 and I decided to listen to your podcast episodes all the way through from the beginning until present. I’m just now getting to this episode and think of the irony of listening to this episode over 2 years ago and now having moved to Ireland (Dublin) myself!

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