Episode 160: Delicata Squash, Old Cookbooks, and Running a Love Story


In the food news, we all recently learned that decades back “big sugar” paid off the scientific community and that’s how those of us who grew up in the 80s and 90s came to eat our weight in Snackwells.

In our what’s for dinner segment, we talked up the many pleasures of the ultra seasonal, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it delicata squash.

Joy’s getting ready to move. As she declutters her basement she’s finding forgotten cookbooks that have been packed away for years–and loving them.

Marisa talks to the amazing Jen A. Miller about her new memoir, Running a Love Story.

And we leave you with a snack-size discussion of one of autumn’s most splendid treats: Asian pears.

5 thoughts on “Episode 160: Delicata Squash, Old Cookbooks, and Running a Love Story”

  1. Asian pears are also one of my fall favorites. I had the chance to stock up last fall at a local pick-your-own orchard, and found that they were wonderful sliced and dried. The grainy texture becomes more pronounced (which some people may not like), but the flavor is out of this world.

  2. Two things on Asian pears… We receive them in our CSA box every fall, but nobody in the house is all that fond of them, so I struggle to use them up.
    1) I’ve made a chutney (canned) for a couple of years in a row, combining with cranberries, vinegar, etc, but now I’m worried about safe acidity levels. Hadn’t considered that Asian pears would be low acid. Marisa, what do you say about it? Keep or toss the remaining jars?
    2) This week we made a quick slaw with Asian pears, from Epicurious, and it was a winner!
    Really enjoying the show; it’s a Wednesday treat!

    1. Between the cranberries and the vinegar, I am confident that your chutney is just fine! And I’ll look for that Asian pear slaw!

  3. Hi! Do you all have a link to Joy’s delicata squash nachos? Or just wing it?

    Also, is Jen Miller’s NYT nutrition guide out yet?


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