Episode 158: Breakfast for Dinner, Immersion Circulators, Kristin Donnelly


In food news, the Associated Press published a story Massimo Bottura using leftover food from the Olympics to feed the homeless in Brazil.

Love it or hate it, breakfast for dinner remains a hot topic in home cooking.

We both have immersion circulators but we tend to use them in very different ways. We compare and contrast.

Joy talks with Kristin Donnelly about her wonderful new book Modern Potluck.

And at the market this week, we’re buying grapes.

4 thoughts on “Episode 158: Breakfast for Dinner, Immersion Circulators, Kristin Donnelly”

  1. I made several batches of low temp pasteurized pickles using the recipes from ATK’s Foolproof Canning and my immersion circulator – AMAZING!

  2. I’m very intrigued by the immersion circulator!

    Also, huge fan of breakfast for dinner, which in my house does include some whole grainy type pancakes or waffles. Never french toast though. 🙂

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