154: Bluefish, Aprons, Iced Coffee


We read an interesting and disturbing story in the New York Post which was basically highlights from the excellent book, Real Food, Fake Food. Be warned though if you do read it you may never enjoy sushi again.

We extoll the virtues of a favorite local and strong-tasting fish, bluefish.

For two women who spend so much time in the kitchen, we both have trouble wearing an apron to protect our clothes from spatters, but Marisa recently discovered an apron she wants to wear all the time.

We talk about the pleasures of ice coffee, at home and from shops around Philly.

And at the market this week, we are grabbing all the corn.

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3 thoughts on “154: Bluefish, Aprons, Iced Coffee”

  1. Hi ladies! Listened to the episode this morning, another great one 🙂 I have a question for Marisa- you mentioned you buy your bluefish at Reading Terminal. Which fish counter do you go to? I never know which of the three is the best.

    Also do you just ask for the black and tan from La Colombe by calling it that? I’m super intrigued. Thanks!

    1. I tend to go to the fish counter that’s in the center court of the market. I don’t really know why it’s my go-to, beyond the fact that it always seems to be the cleanest and freshest.

      And yes on the La Colombe front. Just go and ask for the black and tan. As long as they have the nitro latte in the shop, they’ll be able to do it.

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