Episode 132: Saint Patty’s Day Food, Louisa Shafia, March Cookbook Club Pick

Our March Cookbook Club pick!
Our March Cookbook Club pick!

Marisa’s favorite discount grocery chain Aldi is ramping up its organic offerings.

Saint Patty’s Day is not exactly the foodiest holiday on the calendar but we talk it over nonetheless. We cover corned beef and cabbage as well as Irish potatoes–the candy kind.

Our cookbook pick for March: The Indian Family Kitchen. But it’s not what you probably expect!

We have Joy’s interview with Louisa Shafia, the author of last month’s cookbook club pick–The New Persian Kitchen.

At the market right now: Beets. They are somewhat unpopular with certain people but we love them.

3 thoughts on “Episode 132: Saint Patty’s Day Food, Louisa Shafia, March Cookbook Club Pick”

  1. Oh, how I wish I had an Aldi store closer to me! There are a few in NJ, but none close enough.

    I have no idea about these Irish potato candies, but they are certainly intriguing! I might have to seek these out! 🙂

    I am totally down with the Indian Family Kitchen. I need to get my hands on this one. Thanks for recommending! I love your show as always!

  2. One follow up comment on beets. 🙂 My husband can’t stand them, but my daughter and I like them. My favorite way to make them is to roast them whole in the skins and then peel them off when they cool. That way, you get the best of both worlds – the flavor of the the roasting process and the no-mess of not having to use the peeler, etc.
    The Kitchn does a good job of explaining the process:

  3. This weekend I came across a rendition of the Irish potato at the Bent Spoon, an awesome local ice cream shop in Princeton. They have an Irish potato sorbet, and thanks to your podcast I knew what it was. Their version uses their coconut sorbet base with Indonesian cinnamon. Delicious! (and somehow more ‘healthy’ than candy? maybe not…)

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