Episode 133: Sandwiches for Dinner, Coconut Oil, Easter Eats

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Marisa favorite sandwich: Turkey!

This week, we chewed over a story from NPR’s The Salt blog that discussed how resistant Americans are to eating less meat. Tell us in the comments: are you trying to eat less meat? If so, why?

Sandwiches for dinner? Why not? We talk about Marisa’s Dad’s “sandwich philosophy” and explore whether or not a dinner centered on sandwiches is sad.

We return to our occasional series on the topic of cooking fats, this time with a focus on coconut oil. We talk about its transition from a nutrition no-no to culinary cure-all. Here’s a link to the blog post we mentioned about a friend of ours who tried out the whole bullet-proof coffee thing.

Joy talks about what she cooks for Easter. Also: Candy.

At the market, we’re scooping up dandelion greens. They are bitter, but also delicious. We love them!

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One thought on “Episode 133: Sandwiches for Dinner, Coconut Oil, Easter Eats”

  1. I have a skewed view on the meat question since I haven’t eaten meat in 16 years. I was surprised that the number of people not eating meat hasn’t increased because it seems to be so much more acceptable/common than it once was to be a vegetarian.

    I loved Marisa’s story of sneaking the sandwiches into the theater with her family when she was younger. That’s so cute.

    Easter candy = chocolate for me. I have no time for jelly beans and other gummy like items. Dark chocolate all day long. 🙂

    Great show, guys!!

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