Episode 131: Cooking for Ourselves, Edible Philly Preview, New Persian Kitchen


Did you know there could be wood pulp AKA cellulose in your cheese, even if it isn’t on the ingredients list? Bloomberg News tested a bunch of brands and found some pretty disturbing things.

What do Joy and Marisa cook when we are cooking for ourselves–notably when our husbands are away? We tell you in this segment.

Philly area listeners: Are you excited about the about-to-drop spring issue of Edible Philly? Joy and Marisa talk about some of the issue highlights.

We get into out February Local Mouthful Cookbook Club pick: The New Persian Kitchen. We talk over the recipes we made and what we liked best about the book. Were cooking along with us? Share your experience in the comments here.

At the market: We’re buying whole wedges of hard Italian cheeses. No wood pulp for us!

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3 thoughts on “Episode 131: Cooking for Ourselves, Edible Philly Preview, New Persian Kitchen”

  1. As I listened to this, I felt the need to share my love for beets! When people tell me they don’t like beets I try to convince them it’s only because they haven’t tried them roasted (with the enthusiasm like I’m some sort of beet salesman). I only recently experimented with them in a soup. It was a simple puree of roasted beets, onions and garlic in chicken stock. Then I topped it off with (leftover) beet greens sauteed in farro – delicious and beautiful colors too!

  2. I was totally laughing about what you cook when your husbands aren’t home. 🙂 I have a go to favorite as well – roasted broccoli with garam masala on it over spinach with tuna. Such an odd combination, but it totally works for me!

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