Episode 128: Curries, New Orleans, and Kristina Erfe Pines

Spoonful magazine editor, Kristina Erfe Pines

First We Feast published a story about problems with the food media and we had points of agreement and disagreement.

Homemade curry. Joy took a class about Cambodian curry paste and made her own with a mortar and pestle. She talks all about her experience and about the benefits of fresh, homemade curry pastes in general.

Marisa went to New Orleans for the first time–she talks about her food and drink favorites there. She also explains the food company Zatarain’s (who hosted the press trip she was on) influence on the food culture there. She ate at Justin Devillier’s restaurant Le Petite Grocery and had a celebrity sighting there.

Joy interviewed Kristina Erfe Pines about her beautiful new lifestyle magazine, Spoonful. She told us all about the first Spoonful community event that will take place here in Philadelphia. And she teases some topics that readers will see in Spoonful’s summer issue.

What are we buying at the market this week? PA grown Bluefoot mushrooms.

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