Episode 125: Resolution Check in and Eating for Well Being

Marisa’s Meal Plan Chalk Board

What makes for a diet that contributes to good health and makes a person feel great? Marisa and I talk about this surprisingly complicated subject.

One strategy that is key for us both? Meal planning. Marisa has been writing her meal plan on her kitchen chalkboard and posting it on Instagram. (You can follow her instagram here.)

We got a little philosophical about attitudes regarding different ways of eating and the judgment that can invade that conversation.

We talked celebrities and their approaches to diet: Nigella Lawson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Tom Brady, Gisele Bündchen.

Joy ranted about how needless dietary restrictions negatively impact your ability to participate in food culture and connect with others, ultimately diminishing overall quality of life.

We detail our shopping lists for when we want to focus on eating for well being.

Here’s that Michael Ruhlman article we mentioned.

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10 thoughts on “Episode 125: Resolution Check in and Eating for Well Being”

  1. Joy & Marisa, you made me smile as I set my supper table while listening to your podcast! My goal upon returning home from a long week away, was to take charge of our kitchen once again – with the intent on “cooking & eating better as a family” . I’d been pondering what that meant and that it didn’t mean (nor will it ever mean) eating perfectly! We’ll continue to make more and more better choices!
    I loved your outlook on food…and its undeniable role in the fabric of our lives.
    Thank you for the timely encouragement!

  2. Love your podcast! It’s like listening to two people talk that I wish I was friends with. 🙂
    I love your perspective on food, the insights you bring, and the overall tone of the podcast. It is my favorite podcast by far. Thanks so much!!
    In terms of other healthy snacks, you pretty much covered it, but I love plain greek yogurt as a snack. Sometimes sprinkled with cinnamon and sometimes not. I’m curious if you end up trying out that yogurt making feature on the InstantPot, Joy. I am thinking of asking for one for my birthday in the spring, but that would be a big factor in if I get it or not, so I need to know from a reliable source if it works. 🙂
    Thanks again!

  3. I’m doing some catch up on my podcast playlist and just listed to this. Thanks, as always, for another wonderful episode. Your bit on “clean eating” struck a chord with me. I agree that the tag is faddish and that understanding your body’s relationship with food is key to a healthy approach — but sometimes these diets or cleanses (another tag word) are necessary. I am one of those people who recently started a diet, an elimination one for chronic health reasons. It’s not my first, but this time around I’m trying to have a different attitude: thinking about it as a “freedom” diet rather than simply full of restrictions since the first time around, it sucked all the joy out of food and I felt like I was simply eating to stay alive. (Horrible feeling!) This time around, while I still have various limitations, I’ve been extensively meal planning and actually enjoying it because I’m trying to make sure there is something exciting and delicious to eat each day. For instance, I made chia pudding for the first time and discovered I really love it — and it’s good for my body. (Cocoa powder and a touch of maple syrup make it extra delicious.) I’m now looking forward to making flaxseed crackers as Joy mentioned (any recipe recommendations?), plus maybe some homemade cashew yogurt.

    1. Emily, we will always be the first to say that food can be incredibly healing. I’m so glad to hear that you’ve found a way of eating that brings you joy and improves your health! And I’m with you on the chia pudding front. That stuff is so good! I will ask Joy to post the recipe for her flax crackers!

    2. Hi, Emily, The flax crackers are usually something I throw together without a recipe. But just for you, I am working on a real recipe right now. Even though I normally dehydrate them, I’m baking them so the recipe can be more widely useful. I will either post it here or publish it in our newsletter (have you signed up???).

      1. Hi Joy, That would be incredible! I was just searching online for recipes as guidelines and remembered to check back here. I look forward to seeing (and trying) what you come up with 🙂 And yes, I’ve signed up for the newsletter and was excited to see the first one in my inbox!

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