Episode 123: Winter Salads, Using Your Leftovers, Cookbook Club


First we talked about a controversial recent study that suggested a vegetarian diet is worse for the environment than a meaty one. We are suspicious.

Winter salads–Joy and Marisa love salads all year long. Here’s the warm winter bread salad recipe Joy mentions.

Leftovers are a vexation for some people, but Joy and Marisa know what to do with them. They share their favorite tips to kick your food waste to the curb. One of the best: Make Marisa’s rye crepes and hide those leftovers inside them.

We proudly introduced the Local Mouthful Cookbook Club, and we hope you’ll become a member simply by picking up each month’s chosen book and join our conversation about the book and the recipes. First up: 101 Easy Asian Recipes by Peter Meehan and the Editors of Lucky Peach. We’re going to try to organize a cookbook pot luck as part of the club, so stay tuned for details.

Our seasonal ingredient crush of the moment is pomegranate. Marisa tells us how to pick a good one.

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