Episode 370: Seeded Cucumbers, Veggie Chili, Vitamix

This week, we’ve got a cucumber tip, a no-recipe chili, and some thoughts on upgrading your blender.

We also talked about the lastest canning scandal: Can canners still trust the Ball Blue Book, cornerstone of the American canning canon?

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2 thoughts on “Episode 370: Seeded Cucumbers, Veggie Chili, Vitamix”

  1. Hi Marisa and Joy,
    I love your podcast! I am so happy you are back. have been listening for years. I also have been a huge fan of Food in Jars. It started my urban canning obsession here in Philly.
    For adding meaty texture in chili I use quinoa. I cook a half cup of quinoa for about 15 minutes and add it with the beans and liquid. It is well worth the extra pot.
    Thank you for all the wonderful tips and hours of listening pleasure.
    Stay well.

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