354: Stress Eating, Hungry Hungry Kids, Falafel

In food news this week, a 16-week research study from Ohio State University suggests that stress reduction decreases fast-food meals and high-fat snacks.

In What’s for Dinner, Marisa talks about how she’s cooking dinner for the twins these days.

In How’d You Make That, we’re talking homemade falafel.

In our wildcard segment this week, we have some advice: Cook ahead for when you get that COVID-19 vaccine.

And in What We’re Loving, it’s the Spice Island/Costco garlic and herb seasoning.

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2 thoughts on “354: Stress Eating, Hungry Hungry Kids, Falafel”

  1. Great suggestion for everyone about preparing meals for post-vaccine. Only thing to add is that some people feel a little queasy or sick to their stomach for a while, so maybe something light or good old saltines and ginger ale would be good to have on hand as well. You all are right, side effects are small price to pay, but you being prepared will make it easier.

  2. Call me crazy, but didn’t I learn about Alexandra Stoddard’s baked falafel from you guys? Her recipe was a huge hit in our house and I made it lots last summer. Already looking forward to parsley and cilantro from our CSA this year.

    Great idea about prepared meals before vaccine. Thanks for the tip!

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