Episode 351: Lentil Soup, Celery Soup, and Magic Ingredients

Our hearts go out to listeners in Texas who have been affected by the events in in Texas. In food news, Texas power outage: After storm, a dire lack of food, fresh water

In our What’s for Dinner segment, Marisa’s got lentil soupl

In How’d You Make That? Joy has double celery soup.

In our wild card segment, we talk “magic” ingredients, the stuff that pulls more than its weight in recipe. (Think: chipotle in adobo, preserved lemons, roasted garlic, etc.)

And in what we’re loving: It’s Mighty Bread.

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One thought on “Episode 351: Lentil Soup, Celery Soup, and Magic Ingredients”

  1. Joy, in the absence of available Better than Bullion, I use a lazy version of your suggestion for making broth out of nutritional yeast all the time now. I also add in miso for salt and umami. I just stir them both into hot water and then add to my stew/sauce/curry/etc. Thank you!

    Preserved lemons are an ingredient I *want* to use but for some reason I’m really intimidated by. I have no idea what to do with them.

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