Episode 348: Red Beans and Rice, Emergency Desserts, and Flavor Ruts

Toast and jam are a good emergency dessert.

In food news this week: When restaurants close, what happens to the communities that rely on them? via The Counter.

In our What’s For Dinner? segment, we’ve got red beans and rice.

In our How’d You Make That? segment, we’re telling you all about our go-to emergency desserts.

In our Wildcard segment this week, we address the question of how you can break out of a flavor rut.

And finally, in what we’re loving it’s Greek style yogurt.

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12 thoughts on “Episode 348: Red Beans and Rice, Emergency Desserts, and Flavor Ruts”

  1. Enjoyed the episode on my Wednesday morning walk like most weeks. You both mentioned having a lot of cookbooks. I do, too, and my food life was changed when I discovered Eat Your Books. It’s a cookbook indexing site. You can list a small amount of your books for free or pay a yearly subscription fee and put all your titles in there. Then when you want to make a certain dish you search for it and they tell you which of your cookbooks have recipes for it. Even more exciting — especially during the pandemic — you can put in some ingredients and it finds you recipes in your books that you can make with them! So it’s wonderfully backward — instead of finding a recipe and then having to get the ingredients, you list the ingredients and find a recipe. Seems like just what we all need to shop less right now. Anyway, I use it all the time which alleviates the guilt of continuing to acquire cookbooks. I use more of my cookbooks more often because of it. I highly recommend it!

    1. We LOVE eat your books and I think we’ve done a segment on it! Maybe it’s time for an eat-your-books revisit.

  2. Red beans are one of only a few beans that I always use the multi-cooker for rather than stovetop. I highly recommend the red beans & rice recipes from Sweet Potato Soul and Bryant Terry’s cookbooks. The Sweet Potato Soul cookbook also has a red bean sausage recipe which is one of the best faux-meat things I have ever made.

    Re: yogurt, I finally made my own vegan yogurt using some vegan yogurt cultures + homemade soy milk with the yogurt setting on the multi cooker. It’s fine for mixing into other recipes but I don’t really like it on its own. Maybe I’ll have better luck with a nut milk.

  3. Enjoyed the episode as always. Marisa’s mentioned making a batch of peanut sauce. Do you have a go-to recipe? I made a random internet one last week and it wasn’t quite right, so I am still in search.

  4. Emergency desserts in my house revolve around graham crackers: graham crackers dipped in milk, graham crackers with Nutella, and graham crackers with pear and cream cheese. We also do bananas and cream or a banana sliced lengthwise with peanut butter in between the slices to make a “banana sandwich”. The kids love all these things. Thanks for another great episode-always helps me decide what’s for dinner!

  5. Emergency desserts – chocolate-covered nuts (or dried fruit), melted chocolate in which to dip fresh fruit, and/or hot chocolate, super-strong if needed. When I was growing up, that could also include a squirt of whipped cream from the can.

    Your conversation about your food always tasting like your food is So.True. For better or worse, so true! I could go on and on. As for soup, sautéing those 3 veggies is how I start, too.

  6. Hi, I just listened to this episode and would love to check out the Taiwanese Instagram account you mentioned but can’t seem to spell it. Can you spell the account name? Tiki cooks? Tippi cooks?


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