Episode 325: Reopening Restaurants, Instant Pot Rice Cookery, Hitting the Kitchen Wall

Vegan nachos Joy made after being inspired by Marisa’s nachos and taco filling

In food news this week, we look at two op-eds on the topic of restaurants reopening: One restaurateur is for it. Another is against. What do you think?

In our What’s for Dinner segment this week, Marisa has a new favorite taco filling.

In our How’d You Make That? segment, Joy realizes she’s been making rice in the Instant Pot all wrong, but her favorite instant pot cook book set her right.

After five months of nonstop home cooking, even we obsessed home cooks have hit a wall. Where are you getting your inspiration these days?

And finally, in what we’re loving, it’s Food & Ferments.

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11 thoughts on “Episode 325: Reopening Restaurants, Instant Pot Rice Cookery, Hitting the Kitchen Wall”

  1. Just an FYI- you mentioned not going to Trader Joe’s in CC because if the hassles of parking in. My husband goes into his Logan Square office once a week or so and parking is beyond easy because hardly any one is going into the city during business hours. Thanks for your show!

  2. I know I’m way behind on the Instant Pot game, but I just bought one because I’ve been without a range for over a month. I’ve been making my white rice in there on manual for just 4 minutes and it comes out perfectly every time! I don’t think I’ll ever make it on the stove top again. Because I have no range, I’ve also found some pretty amazing recipes. I’ve made hard boiled eggs, spaghetti bolognese, chicken fajitas, chicken stock, and even banana bread! So that’s how I’ve been having fun in the kitchen. 🙂

  3. Joy,
    I think your husband should buy a sailboat, he sounds perfectly suited for life onboard! Yes, water conservation is important, but washing your rice is not an option, it is necessary. Not only does it result in nicer, fluffier rice but having lived in a rice growing nation for the past 3 years I see where rice comes from, how it is processed and stored etc…believe me, wash your rice. Just like you wash your fruit and veg before you eat it, which I am assuming you do. I eat rice 3-4 times a week and use about 250L a week of water for 2 people (in total, for everything but laundry) I think you can afford to wash your rice. As Marisa suggested no running water, just add enough to just cover the rice, swish it around and pour it out, repeat 2-3 times. And your plants will probably love the extra starch, or use it flush your toilet. I am off to cook some rice for dinner!

    Heather @yachtkate

    1. Heather! I am definitely a rinsed-rice convert! You are right–my husband would be well suited to sailboat life. This pandemic has taught be he’d also be OK on the space station!

  4. Ladies – congrats on 5 years!! So exciting!! Marisa mentioned tacos so one thing I wanted to highlight was something my sister reminded me of when I was not sure what to do with the spaghetti squash in my CSA last week. In Smitten Kitchen’s first book there are Spaghetti Squash and Black Bean Tacos. Made them last week and they are awesome! Also made a recipe from The Kitchn: Spaghetti Squash Pad Thai with tofu and other yummy things. Both were excellent! Cooking things I’ve never made before is the only thing that’s getting me through this covid cooking insanity. Also last night made Smitten Kitchen’s Summer Squash Pizza (on website). Holy heck that was good! I don’t know what a vegan sub for gruyere is, but hopefully there’s something that would do the trick as that was super delicious! All the best to you two!

    1. I have had it often in restaurants–it is delicious. I should get some for my pantry! Thanks for the reminder.

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