Episode 305: Cabbage & Rice Soup, Mushroom Pesto Tart, and Produce Boxes

If you are wondering how this stock photo connects to today’s show,
it’s the sunflower butter ice cream thing.

In food news this week, Ben & Jerry’s has a new sunflower butter ice cream!

In our What’s for Dinner? segment? Marisa has made a highly seasonally appropriate smothered cabbage and rice soup, and she’s telling us how.

In How’d You Make That? Joy reviews Oh She Glow’s recipe for Mushroom Pesto Tart.

We talk about produce boxes–CSAs, veggie subscriptions and the like. Related: Joy wrote about her fave, Philly Food Works, for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

And in What We’re Loving, it’s another podcast: The Nutrition Rounds Podcast hosted by Dr. Danielle Belardo, aka The Veggie MD.

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9 thoughts on “Episode 305: Cabbage & Rice Soup, Mushroom Pesto Tart, and Produce Boxes”

  1. I always love hearing your new podcast recommendations! At some point in the episode Joy briefly mentioned trying to eat around 5 servings of veggies a day, including breakfast. My question is what are some ways you are incorporating vegetables into your breakfast? I just have such a hard time with that.

    1. My best way to get veggies into breakfast is a tofu scramble. Onion, pepper, and kale or spinach are my favorite combo. Some people do a savory oatmeal with vegetables in it, but that’s not really my thing.

    2. When the weather is warmer, a smoothie can also be a good way to get veg in at breakfast. I will often tuck half a bag of spinach into my morning smoothie (when I can bear drinking something cold first thing, that is).

  2. So glad you are enjoying the Nutrition Rounds Podcast! (I am in Honolulu…I had no idea she was local to Philly!)
    Always love your podcast, keeps me connected to my favorite city and inspired about cooking!

  3. I wish Marissa had shared a bit more about the “ugly” produce box. I only have a CSA available for half the year and have thought about trying one of the “misfits” produce boxes the other half but have read mixed things. Love the podcast!

    1. Honestly, I don’t find that their produce is all that ugly. It’s more often the case that it’s stuff that was simply overstock.

      1. Let me offer another perspective on the “ugly CSA” from a small-scale organic farmer’s perspective – it’s a cutesy marketing ploy that is intended to make the customer feel good that they’re eating something that would otherwise be a throwaway (though this isn’t true, perhaps it would be donated to a food pantry), when it’s actually competing with and taking support away from farmers who offer true CSA boxes.
        I have worked for several CSA farms but currently manage a small operation where we have a U-Pick Club where farm members come to the farm weekly and harvest their own produce. It’s a time investment, for sure, and certainly not something that every family can do, but a rich experience and especially fun for families with young kids. We write up a harvest board at each field that says which crops and how much each member can take, and then we flag and label the fields so folks know where to harvest. This model evolved for us over the years – we started as a free-choice CSA where members could “shop” unlimited at our farm stand twice/week, but moving to the U-Pick model freed us up to concentrate on our farm’s main partnership donating the majority of our harvest to low-income families. Still, I think other market farms could incorporate a U-Pick model as part of their farm. We love it because we get to know and see all our farm members. They’re out in our fields every Monday, they pick as many flowers as they want, and the kids absolutely love it for the strawberries alone, plus they’re learning where their food comes from.

        1. What an awesome program you work with! And I appreciate the perspective. I’d heard something along those lines before, which is another thing that had given me pause about my participation.

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