Episode 295: MARISA IS BACK!!!!!

Marisa with her boys!

Sorry for all those caps and exclamation points. Joy is just really excited to have Marisa back. This episode is a special episode dedicated to catching up with Marisa and hearing more about her food life, now with two babies!

3 thoughts on “Episode 295: MARISA IS BACK!!!!!”

  1. Yaaaaay!!!!!!!! So excited to hear from Marisa! It was great to have the two of you together again. I didn’t expect to hear from Marisa so soon so it was actually a wonderful surprise when my podcast loaded this morning. I enjoyed the guest hosts (Dan was a favorite) but Marisa, we missed you.

  2. Good to hear you are back. Thank God for babies growing, thriving & eating. Loved this episode.
    My babies are 14 & 16 YEARS old. I miss that age.
    I enjoyed hearing about the meals you ate that were brought to you.Such a blessing.

    Maybe I will bump into you agsin but with double stroller at Head House Farmers Market .

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