Episode 271: Lasagna, Garlicky Bok Choy, and Edible Communities

In food news, a friendly reminder to wash your avocados.

In our What’s for Dinner segment, we extol the virtues of a lasagna recipe that mixes tofu and cheese.

In How’d You Make That, we’ve got garlicky seared baby bok choy.

Joy’s got a new role with Edible Communities, and she’d love you to check out the cookbook club and podcast she’s doing over there.

And in What We’re Loving, Marisa is seriously into her kefir right about now.

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7 thoughts on “Episode 271: Lasagna, Garlicky Bok Choy, and Edible Communities”

  1. Maybe this will give you a giggle. After listening to episode 271, I googled Edible Pot Luck and landed in world full of Cannabis cooking & Marijuana!

  2. Another great episode, thanks for the shout out. Joy, have already checked out the new podcast, sounds great, looking forward to adding Edible Potluck to my podcast line up.

  3. Wonderful episode, as always! You inspired me to cook some garlicky seared asparagus instead of bok choy, and it was delicious. Thanks for the idea.

  4. I love Bok Choy and can’t wait to try your recipe.
    This podcast is fantastic. I just discovered it recently and wish I have been listening for years. Thanks Joy and Marisa!

  5. Hi. I love listening to your podcast – been following Marisa on Food in Jars for many years. However, I heard Joy make an incorrect statement and I thought that, with your national audience, you might want to correct it.

    While talking about Listeria on avocados, Joy said she didn’t think she needed to wash organic foods because they’re not sprayed. This is a common misconception, but in fact, organic fruits and vegetables are sprayed with pesticides. You can find more information about it on the page linked below. Here’s an excerpt:

    “Myth #3: Organic farming doesn’t use pesticides, and there are less pesticide residues on organic foods.

    Truth: Organic farming utilizes pesticides, and there are similar amounts of pesticide residues on organic foods. Organic farming uses mostly “natural” pesticides as well as some approved synthetic pesticides, but whether a chemical is natural or synthetic tells you precisely nothing about its safety. So, just because a chemical is naturally occurring doesn’t necessarily make it more safe than a man made chemical.”


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