Episode 269: Freezer Pesto, Citrus Syrups, Eating for 3

In food news this week, we’re talking about WeWork’s new co-working space for food start-ups.

In our What’s for Dinner segment, we’re talking about freezer pesto.

In our How’d You Make That segment, it’s all about citrus syrups.

Marisa talks about the fun challenge of eating enough of the right kind of calories for her and the two babies on board.

And finally, in What We’re Loving: Mature spinach!

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3 thoughts on “Episode 269: Freezer Pesto, Citrus Syrups, Eating for 3”

  1. Marisa, if you need help being motivated to drink more water, the Plant Nanny app really helps me. Since I breastfeed I have to drink at least 100oz a day and I couldn’t do it without this app.

    For calories, how about coconut everything? Coconut oil, coconut flakes, coconut clusters (both from Trader Joe’s), coconut milk, etc. I eat about 2500cals a day (I tried to lower it and my supply tanked) and nut butters, coconut, full-fat dairy (TJs cultured butter on fresh baked bread!!) and avocado are my lifesaver!

  2. I love the idea of freezer pesto! I have two questions though; 1) What tool do each of you use to make your pesto? Blender, food processor, mortar and pestal? And 2) How do you defrost the pesto before use? Or do you just throw it in pasta etc already frozen?

  3. another great episode to entertain me on my walk! On the way back I listened to the BBC Food Programme Podcast episode about savoury pies, and thought immediately of Marisa. An old fashioned English potato and cheese pie! Or an American chicken pot pie. I want one now!! When I was pregnant a century ago, I mostly did eat well, but once the heartburn set in, onions were out for me, which was pretty disruptive to my eating pattern. But I constantly craved meatloaf or roasted chicken with mashed potatoes! Maybe some onion-free creamed spinach on the side. Wish I’d thought of pie then!

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