Episode 257: Rice Paper Rolls, Sheet Pan Kale, Cookbooks for Thanksgiving

In food news, Joy tells you about her upcoming food writing course.

In what’s for dinner, we cover rice paper rolls.

In how’d you make that, it’s sheet pan kale and tomatoes.

We share some of our favorite cookbook titles to help you plan Thanksgiving.

And in what we’re loving this week, it’s fish sauce.

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5 thoughts on “Episode 257: Rice Paper Rolls, Sheet Pan Kale, Cookbooks for Thanksgiving”

  1. Love the podcast! Last winter I discovered using my Instant Pot for a few steps helped make cabbage rolls less of a project. First, make the rice in the IP. While that is happening, start cooking veggies and meat on the stove in a large dutch oven. Cool rice and mix with veggies/meat. While the combined filling is cooling, steam a whole cabbage in the IP. When that is cool enough to handle, you are ready to bang out the rolls. So many less dishes. So much time saved.

  2. Can you post the link to Marisa’s gravy recipe? I don’t need a gallon, but I’m interested in making it ahead.

  3. I loved your idea for fish sauce in guacamole. We also use it a nice flavor boost to most anything and find it pairs particularly well with tomatoes. Try it in a tomato-based pasta sauce!

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