Episode 255: Planning Around Vegetables, Instant Pot Chicken, and Ground Turkey

In food news this week, we talk about the recent news that the Philly Farm and Food Fest has been canceled.

In What’s for Dinner, we talk about planning our meals around the vegetables in our kitchens (Marisa was overloaded with bok choy and spent a week looking for ways to use them up).

In How’d you Make That, Joy revisits her Instant Pot chicken method and reminds us all that it’s a really great way to set yourself up for a week’s worth of tasty food.

Now, a controversial topic. Yes or no to ground turkey? Marisa loves it, but Joy can’t stand it.

And finally, in What We’re Loving, the magical onion salt from Trader Joe’s.

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7 thoughts on “Episode 255: Planning Around Vegetables, Instant Pot Chicken, and Ground Turkey”

  1. Chicken stock has been on my weekly meal prep roster for the last month or so. I use the carcass of our weekly charcoal roasted local bird – amazingly it is cheaper than buying a raw bird and cooking it myself and it imparts a lovely colour and bold, roast-y flavour to the broth.

    I use my pressure cooker (Instapots are too electricity hungry for a boat) and have been adding generous amounts of sliced ginger, lemon and occasionally a piece of star anise.

    Through the week we use it in a faux pho, or cook a mix of rice/quinoa with it, making it a little more flavourful than just cooking the grains with water.

    I also started leaving the skin on the onion (peel one layer and discard for cleanliness), waste not want not.

    All your soup talk is making me yearn for the crisp fall weather at home! Alas…

  2. Hi ladies,
    Thanks for another great show! I wanted to share some insight on my love of my own Instant Pot. If your machine has stopped sealing reliably then it might be time to get yourself a new Sealing Ring. Those plastic rings that help create the seal on your machine wear out over time and need to be replaced. They should last about a year of steady use.
    So… Don’t throw it out! Spend $10ish dollars and make your machine new again!

    Hope that helps! I am a huge instant pot fan (much like you ladies), especially since the company is based here in Ottawa. Though I don’t work for them… yet.

    Thanks again!

  3. Hello!

    I’m a big fan of your podcast though I live nowhere close to Philly.

    Marisa mentioned a recipe for squash pickles on the podcast, one that involved cooking the squash a little bit. I tried searching for the recipe but couldn’t find it. Would you be so kind as to share it? I have lots of squash & would love to try this!


    1. Liz, here’s the essence of that recipe. Combine one pound of ground turkey with 1/2 cup minced onion, 1/3 cup Buffalo sauce, salt and pepper. Shape into four patties and cook in a lightly oiled pan until they’ve reached an internal temperature of 165°F/74°C.

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