Episode 247: Freekah Pilaf with Lamb, Homemade Salsa, and Labor Day Eats


Summer salsa ingredients

In food news this week, the BBC wonders if the future of food is in the forgotten crops of the past.

What’s for Dinner? We’re revisiting Reem Kassis’s The Palestinian Table (listen to episode 226 to hear our interview with her) and making freekah pilaf with lamb.

In our How’d You Make That segment, it’s all about using those summer tomatoes in from-scratch salsa.

Happy (almost) Labor Day weekend, everyone! We discuss our own plans for food and fun.

In What We’re Loving this week, it’s Philly Food Works.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 247: Freekah Pilaf with Lamb, Homemade Salsa, and Labor Day Eats”

  1. Thanks for the salsa inspiration! I made a batch this evening and it was so good – it will be even better tomorrow!

  2. Is there a recipe for the roasted canned blender salsa? It sounds like a variant of the one in Preserving by the Pint but I was wondering if the roasting or the cilantro would change the ratios.

    1. Kim, I use the same framework as the recipe in PbtP, but roast the tomatoes to peel and add a bit of cilantro. There’s plenty of acid in that recipe, so a small amount of cilantro doesn’t have an impact on the safety.

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