Episode 245: Teriyaki Chicken, Mustardy Salmon Cakes, Summer Canning

Marisa has some ideas for what you could can this week. These are peaches.

In food news this week, we read the story of the very narrow way Texas defines a pickle.

In our What’s for Dinner segment, we talk teriyaki.

In our How’d You Make That segment, Joy walks you through mustardy salmon cakes.

It’s high summer and that means it’s time to can! Marisa suggests some preservation projects.

What are we loving this week? Nathan Miller Chocolate 55% Buttermilk Chocolate.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 245: Teriyaki Chicken, Mustardy Salmon Cakes, Summer Canning”

  1. Marisa, Thanks for being so willing to take time to give advice, and foster a real sense of community. Sure everyone has to make a dollar, but it is your openness and understanding that draws people to you, and your books and your classes. I am enjoying getting to know you more via the podcast.

  2. I am a new subscriber and I just binged your entire podcast history! I love, love the way you talk about food as very knowledgable cooks yourselves but without pretense and allowing for the fact that your listeners (like me!) aren’t starting at zero when it comes to cooking. I was unable to comment on the most recent episode, but all the talk about “mustardy” fish cakes had me wondering about traditional mustard versus mustard powder. I’ve used the latter with limited success in egg salad, but otherwise have been really stumped about whether it’s ever a preferable choice to mustard. I’m a real mustard lover, so any advice you can give would be much appreciated!

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