Episode 233: Quesadillas, Salad Dressing, and Sue Miller

In food news this week: The Inquirer recently published an epic piece on the Mexican community of South Philadelphia. It’s part restaurant guide and part commentary on how the community of more than 20,000 Mexicans is endangered by the crackdowns by ICE. 

In our What’s for Dinner segment this week, we’re talking about making quesadillas–with little to no cheese.

Joy got a tip via Instagram about adding nutritional yeast–a lot of nutritional yeast–to salad dressing and she’s running with it. And on the topic of this wonder ingredient, here’s that cashew “cheese” sauce recipe Joy mentioned.

Marisa sits down for an interview with Sue Miller, cheesemaker extraordinaire and co-founder of the cheese buying club, Collective Creamery.

And in What We’re Loving this week, it’s all about pistachio stuffed prunes.

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One thought on “Episode 233: Quesadillas, Salad Dressing, and Sue Miller”

  1. This is making me wish I lived on the other side of the state 😉 I’ve been cooking authentic Mexican from the Nopalito cookbook this month and visiting Pittsburgh’s Latinx communities, but they’re still relatively small.

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