Episode 186: Unrestricted Dinners, Bagel Thursdays at Essen Bakery, and Baby Kale

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, red onion, and capers on a fresh bagel at Essen Bakery

In food news this week, we discuss a recent NPR’s The Salt piece that addresses the difficulty of shopping for sustainable seafood, even with the help of all those guides.

Next up: Dinner, unrestricted. As Marisa’s husband shifts away from a low-carb eating style, she is free to add some grains glorious grains to their shared dinners.

Joy shares one of her current obsessions: Bagel Thursday at Essen Bakery in South Philly.

We also talk about meatloaf–there’s a new meatloaf cookbook, A Meatloaf in Every Pot, and a whole lot of opinions on the subject of this humble foodstuff. (Here’s a link to Joy’s favorite meatloaf recipe.)

At the market this week, we are buying some baby kale.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 186: Unrestricted Dinners, Bagel Thursdays at Essen Bakery, and Baby Kale”

  1. That’s my go-to meatloaf recipe also. (And one of the most-requested things I make, including all the sweets. ) It was developed by the fantastic Ian Knauer, and is so good I bought his first cookbook on the strength of a single recipe.

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