Episode 181: Stromboli, Malted Milk Powder, and Healthy Recipe Makeovers

Today in food news, we keep it local and talk about a new restaurant in Philly, Rooster Soup Company.

In our What’s for Dinner segment we talk about stromboli, both restaurant and homemade.

We talk about the wonderful and versatile ingredient, malted milk powder.

We explore the questionable wisdom of giving classic dishes “healthy” makeovers.

And finally, at the market we found Mini Shokichi Squash.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 181: Stromboli, Malted Milk Powder, and Healthy Recipe Makeovers”

  1. What a fun conversation in this episode, I love listening to you two at work. Stromboli must be regional – I don’t think I’ve ever seen it here in Michigan.
    Love malted milk powder! I also have never bought it but used to love having malteds at a friend’s growing up. I bet malted hot chocolate is divine…
    On substitutions, I’m with Marisa – these things are ok if you aren’t trying to replace the bad but instead create something new (low-fat dairy is always a no-go). For example, I love mixing in butternut squash or sweet potato puree to (boxed) mac n’ cheese, maybe with spinach or broccoli too (but without taking out the cheese!) It’s a nice add-on to fit in some nutrition and still check the convenience/comfort food boxes, but it is really an entirely different dish. The nutty sweetness of the squash does play great with salty cheese so I wouldn’t discount this one.
    I will have to try those banana cookies. I know I’ve made something similar in the past and really enjoyed them (especially as a breakfast cookie 😉 ) Can you link? Thanks!

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