Episode 170: Whole Grain Combos, Vegan Eats in Philly, and Niche Food magazines


This week Joy has highlight’s from the brand new issue of Edible Philly.

In our “What’s for Dinner” segment, we talk about Whole Grain combos. (Two grains are better than one.)

Joy reviews the vegan and vegetarian highlights from her vegetarian sister’s recent visit.

We talk about a couple of highly niche food magazines we’re loving lately. Name, Sift and Cure.

We wrap up with a couple of festive topics: holiday drinks and persimmons.

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9 thoughts on “Episode 170: Whole Grain Combos, Vegan Eats in Philly, and Niche Food magazines”

  1. Would definitely love the recipe for the parsnip cake! Also looking forward to trying half and half mashed potatoes and parsnip.

  2. I agree it this issue of Edible Philly is a great issue, and not just because I am in it!! Thanks so much for the feature and other great stories, my mom and I paid a visit to PS & Co last Saturday after reading about it in Edible Philly. We split the German chocolate cake, which was both delicious and nourishing (the icing on top was the best part), I like how Andrea is redefining what dessert is and I hope her business will eventually do well.

    PS: So glad you tried and enjoyed Robert’s chocolates, Joy!

  3. Could you let me know what setting/time you used on instant pot when you cooked barley and wild rice together? Thanks so much!!

  4. Love the festive holiday drinks! The cranberry shrub sounds delicious. I’d been thinking about making a cranberry liqueur for gifting but haven’t gotten on that yet. I do make a small batch of homemade eggnog each year – with tempered cooked yolks, maple syrup to sweeten, and whole milk instead of cream to lighten it up a little. It takes less time than making a batch of cookies so I think that will be my potluck dish of choice this year. Haven’t aged it before though, which sounds like a fun experiment.

  5. Great episode as usual, ladies!
    Can you possibly list the names of all of the places you went on your vegan whirlwind? 🙂 I wasn’t able to get them all down!

    Thanks so much!

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