Episode 134: Lentils, Marisa’s New Book, Freeze Smarter

Marisa’s new book is here!

How many people on this list of food influencers are you familiar with? They were mostly new to us. Thanks, Bon Appetite.

We love lentils! We talk about 2016’s designation as the “year of the pulses.” We love cooking with dried beans of all kinds, but especially lentils because of their quick cooking, no soaking convenience. Here’s that lentils-and-sausage story (with recipes) Marisa mentioned.

Marisa’s new book, the third in a trilogy on contemporary canning, Naturally Sweet Food in Jars, is now out! This collection focuses on sweetening your preserves with natural sweeteners–not white sugar. Marisa shares her favorite recipes and other inside info about the new book.

Getting the most out of your freezer. Joy and Marisa talk freezer tips, tricks, and best practices.

At the market this week (and in Joy’s case, every week) we’re buying buttermilk. And we tell you all the different ways we use it up.

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