Episode 191: Black Rice, Why Names Matter, Cooking Videos

Hummus, according to Marisa

In food news this week, we high five over the fact that Philadelphia chefs and restaurants finally won their fair share of James Beard awards this year. Congrats Stephen Starr, Michael Solomonov, Greg Vernick, and Sam Calagione!

What’s on our dinner tables this week? In Joy’s house, it’s black rice. Here’s a recipe she especially likes that would be a good introduction if you haven’t made it before.

When is a bowl of hummus not hummus? When it doesn’t contain even a single chickpea, at least according to Marisa. Here’s the admittedly tasty sounding not-hummus recipe that got us talking about this.

Do you watch all those short cooking videos on facebook? We do. The thing is, a lot of them just don’t work.

And finally, at the market we are buying pea shoots. So spring-y, fresh, and delicious!

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