Episode 104: Cooking for the Week, Unsung Restaurants, Sarah Grey



Entertaining was a theme this week–and we weighed in on The Kitchn’s 5 Ways to be the Best Dinner Guest Ever. (Sound advice here, but we don’t agree with everything in that piece!)

On the heels of Adam Robert’s recent Amateur Gourmet blog post titled OK I Lied: It Sucks to Cook After Work, we discussed our favorite strategy for making it not suck: Cooking once and eating all week. (One of our favorite sources of inspiration here is An Everlasting Meal: Cooking with Economy and Grace)

We chatted about our favorite local unsung restaurants and sources for surprisingly great take out though–we freely admit that sometimes we just don’t want to cook either.

It was our pleasure to talk to Sarah Grey, who wrote about her Friday Night Meatballs events for Serious Eats and watched the story go viral last year. (Since we recorded this episode, we learned the piece was selected for the 2015 edition of Best Food Writing. Congratulations, Sarah!)

And finally we discussed cooking with ground beef. We were choosing local, grass-fed, small-scale ground beef even before this week’s bad news about ground beef.

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