Episode 373: New Kitchen Tools, Pureed Chickpea Soup, Appropriated Indian Food

First up today: We talk about some new toys in the kitchen: flat-edged wooden spoons, bench scrapers, and an oval dutch over.

In a “We Cooked It” section, we took on pureed chickpea soup by Martha Rose Schulman from New York Times Cooking. (Sorry, it’s behind their pay wall.)

We also talked about the many ways Indian cuisine has been appropriated through the years. Did you know mulligatawny soup was invented by the British? Joy made this version of the soup from Serious Eats (subbing soy curls for the chicken) and it was surprisingly delicious.

And Marisa shares a pro tip for freezing kale.

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7 thoughts on “Episode 373: New Kitchen Tools, Pureed Chickpea Soup, Appropriated Indian Food”

  1. Freezing kale reminds me of how my grandmother started preparing stuffed cabbage rolls in the 70’s (a monthly staple in our Czech family). Instead of boiling the head of cabbage and risking life and limb (or at least boiling water burns!) she (then my mother, and now me) put the whole cabbage in the freezer for a day or until it is like a rock hard green leafy bowling ball . When you take it out and defrost it, the leaves just peel off the head and are soft and pliable and able to be filled and rolled up – no blanching or boiling water necessary

  2. Interesting new tools! My newest kitchen tool/gadget has been the Instant Pot Ace Nova blender. My hand-me-down BlendTec blender recently bit the dust, and I would love to get a Vitamix, but that is not in my budget range right now. So I ended up getting this Instant Pot blender for just $60 and it is incredible! It even has a heating element to make soups for you. Worth it many times over and back. Thanks for yet another great episode! I have never heard of mulligatawny.
    Link to blender:

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